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It’s business as usual for customers as Landscape employees move to new company in coming months.



CALGARY, ALBERTA (October 1, 2020) – BURNCO Rock Products Ltd. (“BURNCO” or “the company”) today announced it has completed the sale of its wholly owned subsidiary, BURNCO Landscape Centres Inc. (“BURNCO Landscape”), to SiteOne Landscape Supply, Inc. (“SiteOne”) (NYSE:SITE), the leading wholesale distributor of landscape supplies in North America.

BURNCO Landscape has a network of 12 locations and an online presence with approximately 200 employees servicing key markets in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Locations include Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Kelowna, Langley, Surrey, Regina and Saskatoon.

“This transaction is truly a win for all parties,” said Scott Burns, BURNCO’s Chairman and CEO. “We have developed strong relationships at the leadership level with SiteOne over the past few years. We believe the landscape centres are aligned with the best possible owner in SiteOne. Their ownership will benefit the employees, customers and suppliers of the landscape centres as they focus on growing the organization in this specialty category in the Canadian market. We at BURNCO will use the proceeds from the sale to further advance our strategy of creating value by focusing on our core businesses both domestically and internationally.”

The sale of BURNCO Landscape will support future growth in BURNCO’s operating divisions, which all boast strong organic and M&A potential. The company will look to expand its market position for its high-quality aggregate, paving asphalt and ready-mix concrete business units and subsidiaries. BURNCO will also consider acquisitions where the company can add meaningful value and further advance its business strategy.

The transaction includes the transition of BURNCO Landscape’s management team and employees to SiteOne in addition to the assets. No job losses are projected as part of the transaction.

“We are very excited about the prospect of joining SiteOne to advance our business’s ambitious growth initiatives,” said Morgan Martel, currently President of BURNCO Landscape, who will lead the new entity. “SiteOne has a proven track record of acquiring businesses that provide strong future growth potential. While it’s difficult for me and our employees to say goodbye to the BURNCO organization, this is the best outcome for all parties.”

Doug Black, Chairman and CEO of SiteOne, said, “We are pleased to add the established and respected BURNCO Landscape Centres business to our ever-growing SiteOne family of companies. BURNCO expands our product offering to now include hardscapes and landscape supplies in Western Canada to complement our current Irrigation and Agronomics capabilities. We are also thrilled to have Morgan and his very talented team join us as we push forward on our mission of being the best full-line distributor to landscape professionals in the U.S. and Canada.”

BURNCO and its operations continue to operate within the protocols of each of its jurisdictions as an essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic supplying products and services to enable the construction sector to remain operational.


BURNCO Rock Products Ltd is a fourth generation family business established in Calgary in 1912 by James F. Burns. The company has operations in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Texas and Colorado. Headquartered in Calgary, BURNCO produces high-quality aggregate, paving asphalt and ready-mix concrete for its valued customers. For more information, visit www.burnco.com.

About SiteOne

SiteOne Landscape Supply, Inc. (NYSE: SITE) is the largest and only national wholesale distributor of landscape supplies in the United States with a growing presence in Canada. Its customers are primarily residential and commercial landscape professionals who specialize in the design, installation and maintenance of lawns, gardens, golf courses and other outdoor spaces. Visit www.siteone.com for information.

For General Inquiries:
Scott Burns
Chairman and CEO, BURNCO
( 403) 255-2600

For Media Inquiries:
Stephen Lewis
NATIONAL Public Relations
(403) 472-6574

Watch video message with executives Scott Burns and Morgan Martel here.

COVID-19: Our Response

Valued Customers: 

We appreciate your business and ongoing support in these fast-changing and unprecedented times! As leader and owner of a business that survived the Spanish flu of 1918 and periods of emergency since, we know there is embedded resiliency in humankind and have faith in our ability to continue to serve you. BURNCO’s values require us to help you and your employees remain safe, while living the Burns’ family motto of “Ever Ready.” 

As have you, we have been closely monitoring the news sources relating to the spread of the COVID-19 virus along with the regulatory responses of all levels of Government. We can assure you the safety and well-being of our teams and our clients are paramount and remain our key priority. We have and continue to take steps to minimize exposure and spread of the now widely communicated risks and are nimbly developing business continuity plans to ensure continuing operations, within the bounds of changing regulation. With this in mind I’d like to share some important updates in our operational stance with you: 

• BURNCO personnel: So far we are healthy and do not currently have any confirmed cases of COVID-19 within our employee ranks. However, out of an abundance of caution we have cancelled all non-essential travel and have taken many steps to limit potential exposures including a requirement for social distancing and mandatory hygiene protocols.

• Operations – Products and Services: To date, there has been no impact to our operational capability and the construction materials products and services BURNCO supplies, but we anticipate needing to be creative to stay within the bounds of changing regulation and appropriate behavior. I encourage your team to stay in contact with ours by phone or thru digital means as we normally would while we endeavor to operate within the bounds of safety and regulatory regimes mandated in each jurisdiction. Our intent is to continue to supply you with the high-quality products and services you have come to expect from BURNCO without interruption.

• Remote working capabilities: We have enacted robust systems and processes enabling many of our people to work remotely, while retaining responsiveness. We have limited access as well as physical attendance of our personnel at our offices and now have many of our Sales, Management, and Administrative staff working from remote locations or at home, while still being connected and available to you.

• Our respective offices/worksites: While limiting attendance at our offices, we also are intending to create social distance by not physically attending at yours, avoiding social settings, and following your related site protocols; yet remain accessible by telephone or through virtual meetings.

• Monitoring the situation: Our Leadership team is meeting daily or more frequently to closely monitor the situation locally, regionally and globally. Efforts include daily meetings, review, and communication of the guidance issued by our Governments and trusted sources including local health officials. Should there be material changes in our ability to work with you and your team, we will endeavor to reach out to you and request your reciprocation as we surmount this pandemic together.

We wish to support you in your need to keep your business running smoothly as you adjust to these changing circumstances. Please communicate with us how we may best do so and, while focusing on the matters immediately at hand, look forward to your fast growth in the coming months! Please let us know if there is any way we can help and I’ll ask our representatives to reach out to you ensuring we are anticipating and meeting your needs. 

News Release: BURNCO Landscape Centres Inc. acquires Canar Rock Products of Edmonton and Red Deer

April 23, 2018

ANNOUNCEMENT – BURNCO Landscape Centres Inc. acquires Canar Rock Products of Edmonton and Red Deer.

BURNCO Landscape Centres Inc. has acquired the assets and business of Canar Rock Products in both Red Deer and Edmonton. Canar has been providing landscape supplies to the Edmonton market for 30+ years, and then expanded into Red Deer around 10 years ago.

Morgan Martel, Vice President of BURNCO Landscape Centres Inc. said “BURNCO is very excited to come together with another Alberta-based, family owned business in Canar. They have built a long-standing reputation as a preferred destination to purchase landscape supplies for both landscape contractors and homeowners alike. We plan to continue the long-standing relationships that Canar has built with its customers, and hope to expand upon the services and selection that have been traditionally offered”.

BURNCO Landscape Centres is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BURNCO Rock Products Ltd. BURNCO is a fourth generation family business established in Calgary, Alberta in 1912. The company has operations throughout Western Canada, Texas and Colorado supplying ready-mix concrete, aggregates, asphalt and landscape supplies to a broad range of customers.

For more information contact:

News Release: BURNCO Landscape Centres Inc. Acquires D&J Paving Stones Plus Ltd. of Regina

BURNCO Landscape Centres Inc. Acquires D&J Paving Stones Plus Ltd. of Regina

BURNCO Landscape Centres Inc. has acquired the assets and business of D&J Paving Stones Plus Ltd. of Regina, Saskatchewan. D&J has been providing landscape supplies to the Regina and Southern Saskatchewan market for over 20 years.

Morgan Martel, Vice President of BURNCO Landscape Centres Inc. said “we are very pleased to be entering the Regina market through this acquisition. We plan to continue the long standing relationships that D&J has built with its customers, and hope to expand upon the services and selection that D&J has traditionally offered”.

BURNCO Landscape Centres is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BURNCO Rock Products Ltd. BURNCO Rock Products Ltd. is a fourth generation family business established in Calgary, Alberta in 1912. The company has operations throughout Western Canada, Texas and Colorado supplying ready-mix concrete, aggregates, asphalt and landscape supplies to a broad range of customers.

For more information contact:

DIY – low maintenance landscape

As with any big project, taking on a DIY project can seem daunting at times. The benefits of having your dream landscape increase even more when you realize that you can complete it by yourself, and make it low maintenance. There are many different ways to have a pristine, low maintenance landscape, and some we have outlined for you!

One way to make your own landscape low maintenance is to side your driveway with rocks instead of grass. Gone are the days of spending your time mowing your entire yard! Rock siding helps to set your house apart from others within your neighbourhood. There are a variety of colours that you can choose from to make your landscape unique to you.

Low-Maintenance-Landscaping-Rocks-side-of-house-1024x591 Low-Maintenance-Landscaping-Rocks-1024x752

Another small DIY project that can revamp your landscape is by surrounding any trees in your yard with garden walls. Simply building a circle or square around your foliage results in a feature aspect to any landscape, and also makes maintenance of the rest of your lawn easier! The garden walls act as a barrier between your beloved trees and the dreaded weed whacker, and can even include a smaller garden around the base of the tree to add colour to your landscape.


A final DIY project that can help to update your landscape is to install a soldier course border on your driveway. A soldier course is one row of pavers down each side of your driveway and helps define your driveway and can make mowing your lawn easier in the summer months. By having a clear defined line between your driveway and your lawn, it gives a more preened and pristine feel to your landscape.

timthumb (1)

All of these things are simple DIY projects that can not only lower the maintenance of your landscape, but can also help you reach your dream landscape without weeks of work!

Have an amazing water feature without the high maintenance

A water feature can be a great addition to your landscape. Not only can it set your home apart from others, it also gives you the soothing sights and sounds of a waterfall from the comfort of your own home. However, the one main issue that daunts any homeowner is the concern of high maintenance features. Yes, they can be a great addition to your landscape, but they can also mean hours of upkeep and cleaning. So what if there was an alternative? One where you could have all of the benefits of a water feature in your yard without the hours of upkeep and cleaning?

An endless/pondless water feature is a low maintenance feature that does not end in a pond, instead the water disappears into the base. This is a great alternative for people who have kids or pets, since it eliminates the danger of them falling into a pond. It is also easily personalized, since you can surround your water feature with anything from shrubs, to decorative ornaments, to decorative rocks. This means that your water feature is a yard addition that is unique to you.

Now just because we say water feature, this does not mean it must take up a lot of space. The great thing about these endless water features is that they come in a range of different sizes. From a small trickle of water, to a full fountain, there is something to fit all households. Regardless of size, they are still a low maintenance alternative since the water runs into the base which is normally covered by rocks. This means no cleaning like you would if it ran into a pond, and no muddy area surrounding the base.

The great thing about endless water features is that they can be easy to install, since many kits are easily put together using their instruction guides, or there are many DIY videos online to guide you through the steps. However, for those not looking to build it themselves, there are landscape contractors that are willing to help! Our BURNCOPRO Professional Landscape Referral program can put you directly in touch with three landscape contractors that we believe are the best fit for the job. We believe this makes it even easier for you to achieve your dream backyard, and gives you no excuses to delay it any further!

Make your yard worthy of a staycation

With the hectic hustle of everyday life, a vacation seems like an ideal escape from the usual routine. By simply revamping your back and/or front yard, it can result in you having that dream vacation feel throughout your year, without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

From foliage to fire pits, there are so many ways for you to increase the value of your home and have the vacation you always dreamed of! For the wilderness lovers, what could bring more nostalgia than your own fire pit? Having the ability to enjoy the night sky while cuddled up by a fire is an amazing option, and can easily be achieved by installing a fire pit in your own backyard. This can also add value to your home since it is a feature piece that many people may not have.

For the adventurers who love the tranquility of being near a body of water, there is a way to have that serenity from your own home: a pond or a water feature. The benefits span way beyond being appealing to the eye, or the soothing sound of flowing water. It again adds value to your home by being that “standout” feature that many homes don’t have. It also attracts wildlife to make your home more of a dream oasis!


For the climbers and hikers, why not bring part of the mountain to your home? Decorative boulders are a great addition to your landscape, and are a low maintenance feature piece for any yard! Not only do they make great accents that spice up a plain or boring landscape, they can also be used to hide property eyesores or elements that can’t be moved (such as an irrigation pump or cable box).

And finally, for the luxurious foodie, the grand outdoor kitchen, Pizza Oven or BBQ with an island bar. Installing an outdoor kitchen would make it easier to clean after making a large family meal, while adding another feature area to your home. The number of BBQ’s would increase, along with the value of your home!


There are so many ways to create your own dream vacation in your own home. Stop dreaming about your dream vacation, and invest in making your house a home that you dream about coming home to!

Want to add value to your home?

Want to add value to your home? Landscaping is the answer

With the economy the way that it is, it’s no secret that it’s a renter’s market. With so many houses available, everyone is exhausting themselves trying to add value to their homes. However, we suggest a new way to add value to your home: by stepping outside of it. Studies have shown that landscaping not only adds value by enhancing curb appeal, but can also increase the rate at which your house sells.

According to a study completed at Clemson University, taking your landscaping from “good” to “excellent”, in terms of design, condition, and placement, can add 6% to 7% to a home’s value. Even if you aren’t looking to sell your home, landscaping is still a good investment. Not only does it add value to your home, but also increases the value of your neighbor’s homes.

Now we know what you are thinking, landscaping is already a big enough task without even considering the upkeep and maintenance of a good looking yard. So what if we told you that there are multiple landscaping options that are low maintenance, and that may require less upkeep than you are currently doing?

So lets start with the one thing that almost all yards have: grass. The weather conditions in Canada can be problematic when it comes to maintaining your yard and keeping your yard green, this is especially true for those people with beloved pets. So we have a few alternatives that are even more low maintenance than regular grass: artificial grass, or replacing the grass altogether with decorative rock or paving stones. Artificial grass is a low maintenance alternative that is also environmentally friendly since it doesn’t need the use of chemicals (such as herbicides or pesticides) in order to remain pest free. It also remains green all year round, and can reduce your water bill since there is no need to water your lawn! The other alternative is replacing your grass with paving stones or decorative rocks. This gives you the option to choose a color other than green as the focus of your yard. Decorative stones also allow you to keep plants in your garden, which is not possible with artificial turf.

Adding a walkway leading up to your home or in the backyard is also another easy touch you can add to make your yard a little more appealing. By creating a walkway towards your home, you give a direct sense of direction into your home, and walkways are very low maintenance. There are multiple ways to create a walkway, whether it’s getting steps built going up to the home and then accenting them with decorative rocks, or just using paving slabs placed onto the preexisting grass, there is a walkway to fit your home.

Get Inspired

Finally, a great addition to landscaping your home would be a fire pit. A fire pit could be something that sets your home apart from others on the market, as it shows potential buyers an outdoor space they can utilize in addition to their home. It is also a great addition to any patio that is already there, since it can extend the time spent outside with family and friends.

In summary, the use of landscaping can add value to your home, simply by making your home stand out from others. However, when considering a plan for your landscape, make sure that it fits in with other houses in the community. Although you do want your home to stand out, make sure that it is still appropriate and aligns with the other homes around you.

Landscaping may seem like a big task in the beginning, however there are many different contractors or stores, such as BURNCO Landscape, that will be there to help you every step of the way. Even if you aren’t looking to sell your home anytime soon, landscaping can be a great investment now that will pay off later!


To enter to win, simply submit a picture of your transformed landscape on either Twitter @BURNCOLandscape or Instagram @BURNCOLandscape and use the hashtag: #BURNCO2016


In order to eligible for consideration, products used to transform the landscape must be purchased from BURNCO Landscape Centres. The work must be completed within the competition deadline (June 1, 2016 – August 15, 2016).

Winners will be decided by our BURNCO Landscape team, and contacted directly. By posting images using this hashtag, BURNCO may choose to use these images in the future for advertising or promotion purposes. The first place winner will be able to pick up their Expocrete Weston Stone Fire Pit at the closest BURNCO location, however delivery is not included. The second and third place winners will also be able to pick up their gift cards at the closest BURNCO location.

The contest is open to people in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, since this is where our BURNCO Landscape Centres are located. Contest closes August 15th, 2016.