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Chafer beetles – Vancouver

How we can help your chafer beetle infestation

The European Chafer beetle has been a growing concern for homeowners in the Vancouver area for over a decade. This exotic pest feeds on the roots of many different plants, but their favorite feast is the fibrous roots of turf grasses. This results in a spongy feeling lawn, due to the tunnels they dig under the lawn, and brown patches in the lawn since the Chafer beetles kill the grass by eating the root.

If this wasn’t bad enough, the most damage isn’t done by the Chafer beetle itself. The most serious turf damage is done by the crows, skunks, or raccoon’s that dig up the lawn in an attempt to feast on the Chafer beetle grubs.

How to get rid of a Chafer beetle infestation

When it comes to controlling the spread of the Chafer beetle and dealing with an infestation, the use of pesticides is not permitted in Vancouver due to Bylaw No. 8041. Therefore, the most effective biological control measure is the use of nematodes. These are safe to use around both people and pets, and are most effective if used in late July since the young grubs are most vulnerable at that time. The use of nematodes is not a preventative measure, they are to be used for those already with a Chafer beetle infestation.

Nematodes can be applied by anyone, however the lawn must be well irrigated to ensure that there is no dry soil in the root zone. This means you must get a City Lawn Sprinkling Permit which gives you an exemption from sprinkling regulations or restrictions.

Where we come in

After applying the nematodes, and getting rid of the Chafer beetle infestation, you will need to fix the damage already done to your lawn. There are two possible options, both which we are already equipped for!

The first option is to take out all of the damaged sod and soil, and replace it with new. We have soil, seed, and sod, all available for pickup or delivery at your convenience. If you are unsure as to which soil you need, you can ask one our landscape coaches, or any on hand staff at any of our locations, and they will help you figure out which is best for you.

The second option is to completely strip out your lawn and replace it with artificial grass, such as Bella Turf. Now although it is an artificial alternative, it would ensure the Chafer beetle infestation does not return since there are no grass roots for it to feed on. Artificial grass also eliminates the job of watering, aerating, weeding and mowing your lawn. This low maintenance alternative also comes with a ten year warranty with Bella Turf.

Either of these options are ways to recover from a Chafer beetle infestation, and our staff are on hand to help with any questions you may have! Together, we can rid your lawn of Chafer beetles, and bring it back from destruction. Your dream backyard is still within reach!

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