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FAQ Landscaping

Do you offer delivery?

Yes we offer delivery for any of our bulk or hardscape products.

Do you sell to the public?

Yes we do. No order is too big or too small – from a truck load to a shovel full.

How can I prevent from paving stones from migrating?

Paving stones WILL expand and contract with the weather. This can cause the blocks to shift outward, the joints to open and the interlock deteriorates causing the pavement to fail.

Edging is used to secure pavers and prevent migration. BURNCO offers a variety of edging which can be found here (link to edging page)

How can I estimate how much a boulder weighs?

If you’ve picked out a boulder at one of our locations (or plan to), we can weigh it out for you. If you’re just looking for a rough estimate, 1 cubic foot of boulder weighs approximately 150 lbs. For example: A 2’ X 2’ X 2’ boulder would be 8 cubic feet. 8ft3 X 150 lbs = 1200 lbs

I want to build a natural stone wall, how much do I need?

As long as you know the length and height of your wall, we can help you determine how many tonnes of Drystack (3-5”) you will need.

Length X Height X 120 lbs = # of lbs needed.
# of lbs needed divided by 2200 = # of tonnes needed

How much does 1 tonne of flagstone cover?

1 tonne of 2” flagstone covers approximately 90 square feet
1 tonne of 1” flagstone covers approximately 150 square feet

What is the recommended thickness for a flagstone patio?

Generally we will recommend a 2” flagstone for a patio application. It is more durable than the 1” and less likely to crack or shift over time.

How much product can I pick up in my truck?

For rock products – generally a half ton truck can load a half cubic yard. A ¾ ton truck can hold approximately ¾ of a yard.

For mulch and wood products – generally it is an issue of space! We can load you with as much as you can fit in your truck.

*Check your trucks manual

How many cubic yards do I need?

Once you have your measurements, you can use our Volume Calculator to determine how many cubic yards you need. volume-calculator

What does the cost for a BigBag include?

A BigBag’s cost includes 1 cubic yard of product, the BigBag and delivery.

How much does a BigBag hold/cover?

A BigBag is equivalent to one cubic yard. A cubic yard will cover approximately 100 ft2 at 3” depth.