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How to Install Garden Walls

Information provided by Barkman Hardscapes

Equipment Needed

broom, chisel, concrete saw, guide string, gloves, rubber mallet, knee pads, pencil, rake, level, shovel, stakes, tape measure, safety glasses, trowel, wheelbarrow

Getting Started

  • Layout design on paper
  • Estimate required amount of barkman product, well-graded granular base, top soil, filter cloth and masonry adhesive needed (see product estimator)

Ground Preparation

  • Excavate a trench (A) 8″ to 12″ deep and 16″ to 24″ wide along the entire length of the wall
  • Compact base soil to ensure stability (B)
  • Lay filter cloth (C) under granular base and against the exposed face of the excavation
  • Spread 4″ to 6″ layer of granular base (D), compact
  • Position leveling string to mark location of the first course

Installing Units

  • Lay first course (E) on prepared base (at least 2″ below grade), keep each unit level front to back and side to side
  • Place drain tile (F) on prepared base, behind the first course
  • Sweep top of first course, place next offsetting course (G), back fill with granular rock on top of filter cloth
  • Repeat offsetting courses (H) and back fill until desired height is reached
  • Secure last course (I) with adhesive and apply pressure to secure


  • 6″ from top of wall, pull filter cloth back towards the wall, on top of back fill (J)
  • Fill remaining space with top soil (K) (cover the pulled back filter cloth) to make ground level with wall
  • Fill remaining trench space in front of the wall with top soil (L) sloping away from the wall