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How to install sod

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Soil Preparation

  1. Rototill the soil to a depth of 3-6″ (8-10 cm). First till in one direction
    and then crosswise.
  2. Remove all debris from the area.
  3. Grade and shape the area to desired contours.
  4. Add starter fertilizer, incorporate the fertilizer by lightly rototilling or raking.
  5. Rake the surface smooth and even. Roll lightly and smooth again as required
    to remove rough areas and depressions

Sod Installation

  1. To lay the first row, start from a straight line, such as a curb or driveway. Or run
    a taut string up the middle of the area and begin the first row along that line.
  2. Rake the area smooth before laying the sod
  3. Lay sod in brickwork fashion.
  4. Butt all joints tightly together without overlapping.
  5. Stake the sod on steep slopes to prevent slippage .
  6. Cut the sod with a sharp knife or edger to fit odd shapes with small areas.
  7. It is recommended that you go over the area with a third-filled roller to press
    the roots to the soil.
  8. Water so that the soil is wet to a depth of 1″ (2.5 cm) beneath your sod.
  9. Follow watering and mowing recommendations for three weeks.

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All grass needs water to ensure good health and vibrancy. Water evenly and slowly so that water penetrates the soil without running off. Avoid frequent light watering which will cause shallow rooting, and overwatering, which will prevent air from reaching the roots. Most lawns require about an inch of water every week, including rain.

Tools required: